Corporate information

Message from the Top Management (Letter from the CEO)

Tokiaki Iida
Chairman and CEO

Continue Contributing to the Safety and Security of
our Society by Preparing for Increasingly Frequent and
Intense Disasters!

I would like to say a few words on the occasion of the publication of our 2017 Corporate Profile.

While there remains a threat of unprecedented natural disasters, such as a mega-earthquake in the Tokyo metropolitan area or in the Nankai Trough, daily life in Japan is also affected by increasingly frequent and intense incidents, such as torrential rains caused by extreme weather or damages due to major fires in urban areas. It is also a time when preparedness against terrorism is required as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are approaching. Indeed, it can truly be said that we are entering an “Era of Disaster Prevention.” We are determined to fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the safety and security of the society as comprehensive disaster prevention business stands at the core of our Group's activities.

Under our present medium-term management plan, “Teikoku Sen-I (Teisen) 2016,” which commenced in 2014, we have been working on various themes under the guiding principle of: “Preparation for large-scale natural disasters is a pressing concern for our society. Let's fulfill that role through our business activities!”

During these three years, the base of our disaster prevention business has expanded dramatically. We are now responding to new public-sector requirements for state-of-the-art firefighting systems and equipment; serving private-sector demand for prevention and mitigation of disasters, primarily at nuclear power plants and other key industrial sites; and helping airports and other public facilities to reinforce their safety and security measures.

Consequently, our performance again showed steady growth in 2016. Such success is entirely owing to the end users who utilize our products on a daily basis, and to the overseas partners who supply us with outstanding products. To them, I would like to reiterate my heartfelt gratitude.

In this year of 2017, we are launching our fourth medium-term management plan, “Teikoku Sen-I (Teisen) 2019,” building on the progress made over the past nine years through our three consecutive management plans. Under a new banner of “Continue contributing to the safety and security of our society by preparing for increasingly frequent and intense disasters!” the entire Teisen Group will mobilize its resources to build a cutting-edge disaster prevention and preparedness business and to achieve the following objectives over the coming three years:

  1. Enhance the safety of the nuclear power industry by establishing diversified measures to prevent major disasters.
  2. Support the implementation of advanced disaster prevention and firefighting measures in key industries.
  3. Serve public sector first responders to build enhanced disaster prevention capabilities.
  4. Establish a solid base in the security business sector.
  5. Consolidate and develop business foundations of the company by:
    • Establishing ourselves as the market leader in our four core business sectors: firefighting hoses, rescue and special purpose vehicles, equipment and systems for disaster prevention, and protective garments for firefighting and other applications.
    • Introducing innovative products that revolutionize disaster prevention and flood mitigation.

Fully embracing our social mission and responsibility in the disaster prevention and preparedness arena, we will fulfill our mandate to contribute to a “Safer Society and Better Lifestyle,” which has been our company’s mission ever since its foundation.

I humbly request your continued support. Thank you.

March 2017