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A Comfortable Life with High Quality Linen

TEISEN has played an important role in the linen industry in Japan for 107 years. TEISEN had started its fiber business in Hokkaido in 1907, and introduced linen, strongest natural fiber, into Japan from Europe. The history of Japan’s linen industry could be regarded as the history of TEISEN.
We have devoted ourselves to popularizing linen, hoping that more and more people come to enjoy the comfort and excellence of high-quality linen and have supplied a wide variety of linen products as well. We will now introduce TEISEN’s "Home Linen", a series of linen products for home including dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. You can experience the luxury of high-quality linen with them.

A scene of flowers on linen fields extending over Flanders, Northern France in June.
Photo by T.Iida

A harvest and retting scene of flax fields extending over Normandy, Northern France in July.
Photo by Iwase