Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Business

Protecting safe and secure life of the people

Protecting safe and secure life of the people

Concerning disaster prevention operations in our country, the social concern is on the rise in the area of disaster prevention and crisis management. That includes preparedness for terrorism and specific disasters, in addition to large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunami and also large-scale industrial disasters such as fires at petrochemical complexes and factories. The government as well as public bodies have also reinforced measures and policies to prevent disasters. The role of disaster prevention activities "protecting safe and secure life of the people" and "protecting properties" has become more and more important.

In order to respond to such demand of our times, our group is striving to establish comprehensive and highly specialized business for disaster and crisis management. We will enhance our traditional activities involving fire fighting, rescue and emergency care. At the same time, we will focus on intensifying, enhancing and expanding comprehensive and highly specialized disaster and crisis management business that can respond to upgraded equipment, hazardous material handling, crisis management, etc., to protect against increasingly complex and large-scale disasters and social risks.

Fire Fighting Equipment and Systems

Fire Hoses

  • Fire Fighting Hose
  • Large Diameter Hose/Super Pumper
  • Fire Hydrant Hose

Fire Fighting Systems

  • Large Volume Water Supply & Drainage System
  • Hydrosub pump unit
  • Hose recovery unit
  • Winch

Rescue and Special Purpose Vehicles

Rescue Vehicles

  • LL
  • LS
  • HS
  • HB
  • HX

Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Air Crash Tender
  • Large Volume Water Supply & Drainage System Vehicle
  • Water Stream Robot
  • Dragon Hyper Command Unit
  • Wind and Flood Disasters Response Vehicle
  • Long Distance Water Supply and Discharge Container Vehicle
  • Multipurpose Loader

Rescue and Search Equipment

Rescue Equipment

  • Hydraulic Rescue Tool
  • Air Lifting Bag
  • Chain Saw & Diamond Chain Saw
  • Vehicle Stabilisation
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan
  • Earthquake Early Warning System

Search Equipment

  • Thermal Imager
  • Acoustic Listening Device
  • Victim Location System
  • Crawler Robot for CBRN Detection

Anti-CBRNE Terrorism & HazMat


  • Biological Detection
  • Explosive Trace Detection
  • Chemical Detection
  • Dosimeter & Survey Meter


  • Decontamination Shower/System


  • Chemical Protective Clothing
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Protective Mask with Multi Canister
  • NBC Shelter and Filter


  • Chemical Monitoring
  • Mobile CBRN Monitoring
  • Biological Monitoring

Other Equipment

  • NBC Dispersion Model

Protective Clothing

Fire Fighting Clothing

  • Nomex® Kevlar® Turnout gear
  • Heat Protective suit
  • Nomex® Station uniform
  • for Volunteer
  • Nomex® Rescue uniform
  • Volunteer uniform

Specialized Protective Clothing

  • Cooling underwear vest type
  • Nomex® Anti-static heat-resistant coverall
  • Nomex® Racing Suit
  • Dust-free garments

Industrial Materials & Tents

Industrial Materials & Tents

  • Industrial rubber goods
  • Various Tents